Oil and Gas Cyber Security, June 3-4, 2014, Oslo, Norway

By | Apr 6, 2014

Oil-and-Gas-Cyber-SecuritySMi’s 4th Oil and Gas Cyber Security conference will address the most pressing cyber security issues facing the oil and gas sector with key presentations delivered by senior industry figures from Total, GDF Suez, Tullow Oil, Salalah Methanol Company, Cairn India and Saudi Aramco among others. The two-day programme will build on the success of the 2013 event and discuss recent efforts to bolster protection of highly valuable intellectual property and commercially sensitive information on production, exploration plans and assets.

Oil and gas companies now are heavily investing in establishing the most comprehensive security systems for their assets and digital infrastructures, with spending set to reach $1.87 billion by 2018. Managing security of networks and wireless communication systems, as well as defending IT infrastructure from external virus attacks and internal compatibility threats is a top priority.

Register online using voucher code SMI4L6F and save £300 at http://www.smi-online.co.uk/oilandgas-cybersecurity9.asp

European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security, March 10-11, 2014, London

By | Dec 4, 2013

grid-securitySMi’s annual European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security Conference (10-11 March 2014, London, UK), now in its 4th year, delivers the latest developments on how Utilities from the US and Europe are dealing with persistent threats and vulnerabilities. Attendees will receive insight into present & future SCADA & Smart Grid technologies and an assessment of security risks surrounding Electricity and Water infrastructures.

The event agenda includes a presentation from ENISA covering minimum security measures for Smart Grids, and others on hostile behaviour aimed at the Smart Grid and how it can be detected early, new approaches to predictive forecasting models and process monitoring, cost of security and how to measure ROI.

Contributors include Waternet, Scottish and Southern Energy, Maersk Oil Qatar, Transmission Security Corporation, California Water and Power Company, Viasat and many others.

Visit an interactive half-day post-conference workshop “Data analytics and predictive models for ICS/SCADA Cyber Security”, hosted by Dr. Damiano Bolzoni, COO, Security Matters.

For more information about this industry leading conference, go to the event’s website, or contact Mohammed Malik via +44(0) 207 827 6166 or mmalik@smi-online.co.uk

Event’s website: http://www.smi-online.co.uk/2014cybergrids27.asp

Nordic IT Security Forum, November 7th, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

By | Sep 18, 2013

ITSec 2013 bannerAt the Nordic IT Security Forum, to be held on November 7th, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, you will hear case studies and discover technological solutions to help you define a successful IT security strategy that meets the demands of governance, risk management and compliance. Real practitioners will give insights into concrete examples of secured cloud service. The event will gather senior IT security professionals from across the Nordics and will cover key areas of concerns for organizations both in the public and private sector.

Cybersecurity Innovation Forum, January 28 – 30, 2014, Baltimore

By | Sep 15, 2013

The 2014 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum, to be held January 28 – 30, 2014, in Baltimore, is a three-day event sponsored by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) with the Department of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the National Security Agency as primary participating organizations. The forum will cover the existing threat landscape and provide presentations and keynotes on current and emerging practices, technologies and standards. The 2014 forum will provide action-oriented outputs to fuel voluntary principle-driven consensus-based standards efforts, create opportunities for industry growth and drive research activities, and define use cases for subsequent exploration, which in turn will feed back into the coming years’ forums, continually evolving the state of the art.

2014 National Cyber Crime Conference, April 28 – 30, 2014, Norwood

By | Sep 15, 2013

The 2014 National Cyber Crime Conference will be held from April 28 to April 30 at the Four Points by Sheraton in Norwood. The conference will feature three tracks of instruction: a track for prosecutors, a track for investigators and a track for digital evidence forensic examiners. Each track will have multiple breakout sessions featuring instruction from nationally recognized experts in the field of cyber crime. All participants will be provided with an opportunity to receive hands-on instruction.

Oil and Gas Cyber Security, November 25-26, 2013, London

By | Jun 1, 2013

Oil-and-Gas-Cyber-SecurityThe Oil and Gas Cyber Security conference will be held on November 25-26, 2013, in London.

By 2018 the oil and gas industry will be spending up to $1.87 billion on cyber security. The increased demand to protect a multi-billion dollar global industry is being spurred on by the ever growing global cyber threat landscape. Against this backdrop, SMi’s 3rd annual Oil and Gas Cyber Security conference will feature senior industry representatives from an array of Oil and Gas companies, who will be sharing their insights on the latest technology advances to deal with emerging cyber threats.

Virtual Summit: Tackling the Big 3: Clouds, Consumerisation, Cybercrime

By | Nov 16, 2012

Virtual Summit: Tackling the Big 3: Clouds, Consumerisation, CybercrimeWith less than one week to go until SC Magazine’s Virtual Summit, Tackling the Big 3: Clouds, Consumerisation, Cybercrime, I am pleased to offer Cyber Security Market subscribers free access by using the code – CSMVIP.

Attendance is normally £145 but using the above code will give you and your team unlimited access to some truly eye-opening sessions, here are just 2 that I have picked out….

1. Opening Keynote: Where’s The Danger? From Cybercrime To Consumerisation To The Cloud, Today’s Most Potent Threats Unmasked
As CISO and Head of Cyber-Security for Britain’s National Air Traffic Services, Paul Swarbrick is responsible for 2.5 million flights a year. So what keeps him awake at night? In this session he takes a bird’s eye view of the key threats today and reveals where deserves the most focus.

2. Cyber Attacks: What Exactly Is The Nature Of The Beast Today?
In this session Dr Larry Ponemon, a stalwart of information security renowned for not sugar coating the truth, teams up with William Beer, director of cyber security for PwC to diffuse the most potent cyber-threats of 2013 from targeted attacks through to rogue Apps.
Your avatar can step into the world live this Thursday and Friday (22nd and 23rd) though you can create your avatar right now to see how it all works at www.scvirtualsummit.com. Just remember to use your VIP code CSMVIP when registering to ensure you don’t have to pay.

If for any reason you can’t attend live, registering ensures you also receive full access to the archived sessions.
Please do get in touch with me on the details below with any questions at all. I hope that you can join us.

Best wishes,
Alex Whitson
Head of Content
SC Virtual Summit
E-mail: alex.whitson@haymarket.com

Chinese Telecom Companies Huawei’s and ZTE Pose Cybersecurity Threat for U.S.

By | Oct 8, 2012

The House Intelligence Committee has released a report saying that Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei’s and ZTE provide an opportunity for the Chinese government to tamper with the United States telecommunications supply chain. The report recommends to U.S. companies considering doing business with Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE to find another vendor. The report encourages U.S. companies to take into account the long-term security risks associated with either company providing equipment or services to our telecommunications infrastructure. Additionally, the report recommends that U.S. government systems, particularly sensitive systems, exclude Huawei or ZTE equipment or component parts.

The report highlights the interconnectivity of U.S. critical infrastructure systems and warns of the heightened threat of cyber espionage and predatory disruption or destruction of U.S. networks if telecommunications networks are built by companies with known ties to the Chinese state, a country known to aggressively steal valuable trade secrets and other sensitive data from American companies.

Additionally, the report notes that modern critical infrastructure is incredibly connected, everything from electric power grids to banking and finance systems to natural gas, oil, and water systems to rail and shipping channels. All of these entities depend on computerized control systems. The risk is high that a failure or disruption in one system could have a devastating ripple effect throughout many aspects of modern American living.

The Committee provides the following recommendations:

Recommendation 1: The United States should view with suspicion the continued penetration of the U.S. telecommunications market by Chinese telecommunications companies. The United States Intelligence Community (IC) must remain vigilant and focused on this threat. The IC should actively seek to keep cleared private sector actors as informed of the threat as possible. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) must block acquisitions, takeovers, or mergers involving Huawei and ZTE given the threat to U.S. national security interests. Legislative proposals seeking to expand CFIUS to include purchasing agreements should receive thorough consideration by relevant Congressional committees. U.S. government systems, particularly sensitive systems, should not include Huawei or ZTE equipment, including in component parts. Similarly, government contractors – particularly those working on contracts for sensitive U.S. programs – should exclude ZTE or Huawei equipment in their systems.

Recommendation 2: Private-sector entities in the United States are strongly encouraged to consider the long-term security risks associated with doing business with either ZTE or Huawei for equipment or services. U.S. network providers and systems developers are strongly encouraged to seek other vendors for their projects. Based on available classified and unclassified information, Huawei and ZTE cannot be trusted to be free of foreign state influence and thus pose a security threat to the United States and to our systems.

Recommendation 3: Committees of jurisdiction within the U.S. Congress and enforcement agencies within the Executive Branch should investigate the unfair trade practices of the Chinese telecommunications sector, paying particular attention to China’s continued financial support for key companies.

Recommendation 4: Chinese companies should quickly become more open and transparent, including listing on western stock exchange with advanced transparency requirements, offering more consistent review by independent third-party evaluators of their financial information and cyber-security processes, complying with U.S. legal standards of information and evidentiary production, and obeying all intellectual property laws and standards. Huawei, in particular, must become more transparent and responsive to U.S. legal obligations.

Recommendation 5: Committees of jurisdiction in the U.S. Congress should consider potential legislation to better address the risk posed by telecommunications companies with nation-state ties or otherwise not clearly trusted to build critical infrastructure. Such legislation could include increasing information sharing among private sector entities, and an expanded role for the CFIUS process to include purchasing agreements.

Cyber Security Summit 2012, October 9-10, 2012, Minneapolis, MN

By | Oct 8, 2012

The Cyber Security Summit 2012 starts tomorrow in Minneapolis. The central theme of the event is the impact that cyber security has on our nation’s government and business operations. The mission of the Summit is to bring together thought leaders from Government, Business, and Non-Profit sectors to collaborate on digital infrastructure security issues and to conceive new innovative countermeasures against cyber security threats. Through prominent Keynote speakers and engaging panel discussions, Summit participants will experience greatly enriched conversation surrounding a topic of utmost importance to both the private and public sectors.

Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity Education Workshop, October 30-November 1, 2012, Gaithersburg, MD

By | Oct 5, 2012

The National Initiative For Cybersecurity Education (NICE) will host its third annual Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity Education Workshop on October 30-November 1, 2012 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) located in Gaithersburg, MD. The NICE Initiative is focused on enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of the United States by accelerating the availability of educational and training resources designed to improve the cyber behavior, skills, and knowledge of every segment of the population.

The 2012 Workshop will focus on Connecting the Dots between Government, Academia, Industry and the Public in the cybersecurity education arena. Each of these groups will participate in creating an understanding of the critical role each plays in:

  1. Raise national awareness about risks in cyberspace;
  2. Broaden the pool of individuals prepared to enter the cybersecurity workforce;
  3. Cultivate a globally competitive cybersecurity workforce.

This year the Workshop will host four Tracks:

  • Track 1: Raising Awareness
  • Track 2: Education, Professionalism and Certification
  • Track 3: Training and Maintaining a Competitive Cybersecurity Workforce
  • Track 4: The Role of Competitions in Cybersecurity Education
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